What a Week!!

My daughter-in-law is a rock star!  Wyatt wasn’t feeding well and so she started the search to figure out how to fix that.  After a couple of days at the local hospital and lots of tests he was taken to Riley Hospital for Children to determine exactly what was going on. She wouldn’t take a quick easy answer and today Wyatt gets to come home and he is doing so much better.  With lots of prayers and love from family and friends it was a crazy week! Go Lyssa!!

While all that was going on, Calvin passed away after 12 years of loving on him, the Cancer won.  Ruby said it best, ‘Cali is always licking me, Benson drools on me but Calvin just lets me pet him.  I will miss him”.  and the picture of Calvin with be bed over his head, was totally his doing, hiding from small children 😊  He was loved and will be missed.

Have a great day and hope you get to stamp!


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